Milan - Desio, the 10th of July 2006
AITIM - ATASS Memorandum of Understanding

At occasion of the e-Government & e-Health Convention 2006, held in Desio near Milan, Italy, Professor Francesco Sicurello, President of the Italian Association for Telemedicine and Medical Informatics (AITIM) and Mr. Vlad Valeanu, member of the Telemedicine and Space Applications for Health Association from Romania (ATASS), mandated by Professor Irinel Popescu, President of ATASS, signed a Memorandum of Understanding concerning the Italian - Romanian cooperation for research and development of common applications in the field of telemedicine, space technologies and IT&C applications for health.
Bucharest - Sibiu, the 25th of May 2006
The Human Performance GRID application launching.

The Human Performance (HUP), seen as "a holistic concept referring the human being capabilities to face and adapt to conditions beyond its physiological and ontological conditioning" has a great deal with the medicine and general health-care. The GRID computing technology allow a higher level of opportunity to push research and applications, turning into profit the information and communication technology for the health and wellbeing of humans.

For a public accessible content of the HUP-GRID system please visit:
Bucharest, the 16th of February 2006
Romania became Cooperating State of the European Space Agency.
Looking forward becoming a full Member State of the European Space Agency (ESA), the President of the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) signed, on behalf of the Romanian Government, together with the General Director of ESA, the Agreement that grants to Romania the privileged status of European Cooperating State (ECS), along with Hungary and Czech Republic.

The ECS status, beyond the image aspect, give recognition to the Romania's contribution in the space research and applications domain, opening a new path to foster space technology applications in various fields, including health-care and human security, making possible new projects, cooperation and funding.
Danube Delta - Romania, the 25th of June 2004
Mobile Telemedicine in the Danube Delta - demo action
During the 3rd day of the Conference "Integrated Space Applications in the Danube Basin" held in Mamaia - Romania, organized by EURISY and co-sponsored by the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA), The United Nation Office for Outer Space Affairs (UN-OOSA) and The European Space Agency (ESA), it was organized a real-mobile telemedicine demonstration during a trip in a remote area of the Danube Delta.

During the demonstration session, Prof. Ronald Merrell, MD, (affiliated to Virginia Commonwealth University and NASA) acted as the on-site physician consulting a patient supposed to be in a critical health state. Via satellite data connection, real-time echographic images where transmitted and there was a videoconference tele-consulting with Mr. Tony Hangan, MD, located 100 miles away at the Constantza District Emergency Hospital.

The whole action was prepared and coordinated by Mr. Vlad Valeanu, EE, (affiliated to the Excellence Center for Space Applications in Medicine and Human Biological Welfare), with the outstanding cooperation of the specialist's team, organizations and sponsors mentioned in the extended presentation - read more.
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photos - courtesy of ROSA, Mr. Alexandru Badea, Mr. Cosmin Nistor
Integrated Space Applications in the Danube Basin
Conference - First Announcement and Call for Papers
The Romanian Space Agency, the United Nation Office for Outer Space Affairs and the European Space Agency organize, at Constanta - Romania, the 23-25 June 2004, the Conference on the issues of space applications for resource, environment and human security management in the Danube region. The telemedicine and other space applications for human life protection fit naturally into the Conference topics. For more details consult the organizer's web reference or download the call document.
United Nation Office at Vienna, 16-27 February 2004
41st Session of the Technical Subcommittee of COPUOS
COPUOS stand for the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, the UN organism that political coordinates and harmonize all scientific and technical applications of space related technologies - including telemedicine and space applications for life - of the Member States. A delegation of the Romanian Space Agency participated at the Session.

Romania, by His Excellence Ambassador Dumitru Dorin Prunariu will act as the President of the Scientific and Technical Subcommittee for the next three years.
photos courtesy of ROSA
Fundeni Clinical Institute, Romania, Bucharest, 12-18 February 2004
Surgical Training using a Virtual Reality Surgical Simulator
The purpose of the action was to assess tele mentoring as an adjunct tool for surgical training using a virtual reality surgical simulator (VR). The whole action was conducted under direction of Professor Irinel Popescu, MD, from Fundeni Clinical Institute - Bucharest - and Professor Ronald Merrell, MD, from Virginia Commonwealth University - Richmond, VA.

Thirty Romanian medical students, with no previous laparoscopy experience, were randomly divided in three equal groups that trained with a VR surgical simulator under the supervision of a tele mentor, a local mentor, and without supervision, respectively. The tele mentor, located in US, interacted with the students by videoconferencing, coaching both vocally and by showing the correct performance on another VR simulator.
The students performed four basic laparoscopic tasks: grasping, cutting, clip applying and suturing. Two room video cameras captured images of the front and lateral posture of the performer. All three video inputs were integrated with the aid of a Quad equipment and a single video output was generated for the tele mentor to assess during training. Testing was done before and after the training and the results were compared among the three groups.
Bucharest, Romanian Presidency, 2 December 2003
Recognition for the Romanian Space Agency - ROSA achievements
The President of Romania, Mr. Ion ILIESCU, has appointed Mr. Marius-Ioan PISO as a Knight of the Distinguished Service Order, in recognition for "his significant scientific and technological contributions and, in his position of one of the founders of the Romanian Space Agency, for his outstanding national and international achievements in the benefit of Romania".

The space applications in medicine and life protection are beneficial of the high strategic interest of Romanian Space Agency.
eHealth Programme continues
The Floreasca Emergency Hospital continues the e-Health Programme says Radu DOP, MD, Surgeon at Floreasca. Relevant actions within e-Health Programme are:
- Teleradiology
- Virtual Campus Programme (a long distance learning cooperation between Floreasca Emergency Hospital, Fundeni Clinical Institute, Cluj Medicine University, National Institute of Research and Development for Health, Zurich University Hospital)
- IT&C Support for Patient Care Programme.
Bucharest, Marriott Grand Hotel, 25-27 November 2003
ROCS 2003 - Romanian Computer Show Event include medical informatics
In the frame of the Romanian Computer Show Event, 2003 edition, for the first time, the medical informatics was explicitly represented in a show presentations session moderated by Radu DOP, MD, Vice-president of the Romanian Medical Association.
Under the generic topic "Integrated solutions and specialized software for hospital use" the Romanian Space Agency presented the current projects of space applications for medicine and life protection.

The Market Watch IT&C Revue, December 2003 release, published an article by Alexandru Batali on the space applications in medicine.
Fundeni Clinical Institute, Romania, Bucharest, 30 September 2003
ARTASS official establishment
The General Assembly initiating the Romanian Association for Telemedicine and Health Space Applications took place in Bucharest at the Fundeni Clinical Institute with outstanding participation of Prof. Dr. Ronald Merrell USA visiting Bucharest and Prof. Dr. Jacques Marescaux who performed remotely an invited lecture on robotic surgery. The General Assembly was videoconferenced between Bucharest and Strasbourg - France, Richmond - Virginia USA, Timisoara, Craiova, Constanta - Romania.
The ARTASS acronym comes from the Romanian name of the Association: "Asociatia Romana de Telemedicina si Aplicatii Spatiale pentru Sanatate".
For details and documents please go to the ARTASS page.
Fundeni Clinical Institute, 22 May 2003
Videoconference with Virginia Commonwealth University
The videoconference performed as a mean of setting the main directions on the development of the near future cooperation between the involved teams: e-learning and video surgery.
Professor Ronald Merrell, MD, Mr. Charles Doarn, MBA, Mr. Lucian Panait, MD, represented Meditac Team.
Professor Irinel Popescu, MD, Mr. Calin Popovici, MD, Mr. Silviu Ciurea, MD, Mr. Cezar Stroescu, MD, Mr. Cosmin Boanca, EE, took part at the videoconference on behalf of the Excellence Centre for Space Applications in Medicine and Human Biological Welfare and Fundeni Telemedicine Pilot.
The collaboration with MedITAC Team will be conducted towards the transmission of live surgery clinics every week and participation in the VCU's Surgery Grand Rounds. MITAC will also assist in establishing a Romanian Telemedicine Association and in developing a regional plan.
Professor Ronald Merrell, MD was appointed as a member of the "Revista Chirurgia" journal editorial staff.
Poiana Brasov, Romania, 19-23 May 2003
United Nations Regional Workshop on the Use of Space Technology for Disaster Management for Europe
The Workshop was an outstanding occasion to promote the human health-care, space applications, achievements and strategy of the Excellence Center for Space Applications in Medicine and Human Biological Welfare. The cooperation with ROSA, research institutions and private companies in Romania, Europe and United States were reported and promoted.
Mr. Vlad Valeanu presented "Space Applications for Human Life Protection in Hazardous Circumstances", on behalf of the Excellence Centre for Space Applications in Telemedicine and Human Biological Welfare. The .pps presentation and .rtf presentation notes are available online.
Mr. Pierre de Hillerin and Mr. Vlad Valeanu representing the Excellence Centre contributed to the life protection specific conclusions and recommendation included in the final document released at the end of the Workshop.
For general information on the event visit
Cluj-Napoca, Romania, May 2003
At the Clinic Institute for Urology and Kidney Transplantation - Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Professor Mihai Lucan performed a complex telemedical robotic surgery procedure online assisted by a surgeons team in Munich, Germany. The robotic system AESOP/SOCRATE was used. The operation was attended by internal video transmission by students in three amphitheatres of the Medicine and Pharmacy University in Cluj-Napoca. The live transmission last for 5 hours at 2 Mbps communication capacity provided by the RDS Company, Romania. Visit
Fundeni Clinical Institute, 23 April 2003
NISR Association to the Excellence Center for Space Applications in Medicine and Human Biological Welfare
At the Fundeni Clinical Institute site was signed the Memorandum of Agreement concerning the association of the National Institute for Sports Research to the Excellence Center. The association officially marked the fruitful common work on projects aiming to the Space Technologies spin-off applications in the societal beneficiary domain of human health.
Fundeni Clinical Institute, 15 April 2003
Meeting Concerning the GRID-type Applications Preparation
The strategic approach of GRID by the medical and human welfare application field was the subject of the meeting held in the Fundeni Clinical Institute. The topics covered the infrastructure problems, inter-organizations and inter-discipline cooperation aiming to the foreseen implementation of GRID Access Points at Fundeni Clinical Institute and at the National Institute for Sports Research.
At the meeting took part members of REDGRID initiative, responsible persons from Magurele Site Research Institutes, Romanian Data System Company, and from the Excellence Center for Space Applications in Medicine and Human Biological Welfare.
Bucharest, Romania, 9-11 April 2003
The 5-th Symposium and Postgraduate Course of IASG
The International Association of Surgeons and Gastroenterologists - IASG together with the Romanian Society of Surgery and ROMTRANSPLANT organizes in Bucharest the 5-th edition of the IASG event, with the outstanding participation of Professor Thomas E. Starzl - the father of liver transplantation, Professor N. J. Lygidakis - IASG Secretary General, Professor Masatoshi Makuuchi (Japan), Professor Christoph Broelsch (Germany), Professor Domenico Forti (Italy), Bernard Launois (France), Professor Irinel Popescu - President of the Romanian Chapter of IASG, et. ali.
A significant contribution to the event was provided by the University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila" of Bucharest and the Excellence Centre of Space Applications in Medicine and Human Biological Welfare - Bucharest, Fundeni Clinical Institute.
The event occasioned an online-transmitted surgical intervention performed by Professor Masatoshi Makuuchi, and commented for the attendance by Professor Irinel Popescu.
The 5-th Symposium and Postgraduate Course of IASG The 5-th Symposium and Postgraduate Course of IASG
Bucharest, Romania, 2-3 April 2003
JRC Information Event
The Romanian Government in cooperation with the European Commission Mission in Romania organized the "JRC Information Event in Romania".
JRC - Joint Research Centre is one of the most important, European supported structures, in which the EU funded projects advance and contribute to the development of the ERA concept - European Research Area.
The Telemedicine, as part of the larger field of technological and societal applications aiming the human biological welfare contribute to the common international effort for a better life for humans into a cleaner environment.
Several senior scientists implied in the Fundeni Telemedicine Pilot and in the Excellence Centre for Space Applications in Medicine and Human Biological Welfare attended the event.
Radio Romania Actualitati, February 2003
The second release of the on-the-air talk cycle dedicated to the presentation and explanation of the activity of the Excellence Center for Space Applications in Medicine and Welfare was dedicated to the human biological potential and sport performance enhancement related projects. The production was broadcasted with the contribution of Mr. Pierre Joseph de Hillerin, PhD and Mr. Vlad Valeanu, EE
Bucharest, Romania, 10-11 December 2002
The conference is issues oriented. Specifically, it focused, inter alia, on the enhancement of the participants understanding and knowledge of the role and use of new space and aeronautics technology in social and economic development.
Topics associated with international cooperation - particularly at the European level with reference to the EU Sixth Framework Research and Development Programme (FP 6) and the European Space Agency, where presented.
Professor Irinel POPESCU presented "Telemedicina ca aplicatie in medicina moderna" (Telemedicine as a Modern Medicine Application), an invited paper on the topic of the applications of space technology for telemedicine and health monitoring.
Bucharest, Romania, 29-30 November 2002
INGMED - 2002
The III-rd Conference on Biomedical Engineering
(with international attendance)
Professor Irinel Popescu, MD performed, as invited lecturer, "Telemedicine - Advanced Technologies as the Medical Act Support", an overview presentation on the telemedicine topics.
Bucharest, Romania, 11 November 2002
between the Fundeni Clinical Institute and the National Institute for Sports Research
A Memorandum of Understanding aiming the frame of cooperation in the field of scientific and technological applications for human biological potential enhancement and general human biological welfare was signed.
Radio Romania Actualitati, November 2002
The launch of an on-the-air talk cycle dedicated to the presentation and explanation of the activity of the Excellence Center for Space Applications in Medicine and Welfare. The first release, dedicated to the Telemedicine concept and to the Fundeni Telemedicine Project, was produced with the contribution of Professor Irinel Popescu, MD, Mr. Calin Popovici, MD and Mr. Vlad Valeanu, EE
Bucharest, Romania, 31 October - 1 November 2002
During the conference, aiming the debate on the benefit of interaction between different scientific approaches, Mr. Pierre de Hillerin, PhD, presented an invited-lecture as an outstanding plea for cooperation (among others) between technology, medicine, physics and sports methodology areas of expertise in the benefit of human biological welfare
Bucharest, 7-11 October 2002
During the international event "Cosmic Space World Week" the Fundeni Telemedicine Pilot joined the Romanian Space Agency at exhibition "Trade Mark - Made in Romania"
At that occasion, a Telemedicine Symposium took place. In the picture can be noticed Prime Minister Adrian Nastase, Minister of Education and Research Ecaterina Andronescu and Delegate Minister for Research Serban Valeca along with members of the telemedicine team: Calin Popovici MD, Mihaela Mazilescu, et ali.
Bucharest, Romania, October 2002
Invitation to the REDGRID Initiative
The REDGRID Consortium, aiming GRID type applications in the scientific and societal field, forwarded to the Fundeni Clinical Institute an invitation to join the REDGRID Initiative
Bucharest, Romania, October 2002
The First National Convention of the
"Romanian Association for Endoscopic Surgery and Other Intervening Techniques"
The Excellence Center for Space Applications in Medicine and Welfare took part, as associate organizer, to the preparation of the First National Convention of the "Romanian Association for Endoscopic Surgery and Other Intervening Techniques".
At the opening of the Convention, Professor Ronald Merrell presented, through on-line videoconference, the state of the art in Telemedicine.
Regensburg, Germany, 22-25 September 2002
Participation, on behalf of the Excellence Centre for Space Applications in Medicine and Welfare at the "7th International Conference on the Medical Aspects of Telemedicine - Integration of Health Telematics into Medical Practice"
September 2002
The Second Project Competition for the AEROSPATIAL Programme
The Fundeni Clinical Institute won the financement for the establishment of the "Excellence Center for Space Applications in Medicine and Welfare" Project.
The National Institute for Sports Research, in consortium with several R&D institutions and companies, won the financement for the "System for Monitoring Humans under High Risk Conditions - SMOPERR" Project (a demonstration pilot for a health security system).
Bucharest, Romania, July 2002, Fundeni Clinical Institute
Assessment visit of the Virginia Commonwealth University and MedITAC Team
Professor Ronald Merrell, MD and Mr. Charles Doarn, MBA, visited the Fundeni Clinical Institute in Bucharest. At that occasion took place several activities:
o Professor Ronald Merrel, MD, made a presentation on the Robotic Surgery topics;
o Mr. Charles Doarn, MBA, made a presentation on the Telemedicine in Remote Areas topics;
o Jointly, the visiting team and the Fundeni telemedicine team, scheduled the actions to be done, in cooperation, aiming telemedical continuous learning.
The previous telemedical cooperation assessment allowed the following conclusions:
- the telemedicine required medical and technological competence in Romania allow the present cooperation extension at a "peer-to-peer level";
- the telemedicine act and the technological support implemented in the Fundeni Telemedicine Pilot is fully compatible and adequate;
- it is necessary to identify, together with the visiting partners, new funding and financing resources in order to develop the Pilot's potential.
Palermo, Italy, 30 June - 7 July 2002
Attendance to the "Mediterranean Summer School on Telemedicine and Medical Informatics" of a fellow from the Fundeni Telemedicine Pilot
Bucharest, Romania, 27-28 June 2002
"Aeronautics and Space - Current Phase and Perspectives"
The Annual Conference of the AEROSPATIAL Programme
At the event, organised by ROSA (Romanian Space Agency) was presented the current stage of implementation of the projects funded through the AEROSPACE Programme (2001-2005). The status of the projects related to medical and welfare applications ("Demonstration Telemedicine Pilot with Diagnostics, Clinic, and Educational Applications" and "Sportsmen Position Real Time Tracking System - REALTRACE " was reported too.
A poster session was organised with the participation of all the current projects teams' representatives.
September 2001
The First Project Competition for the AEROSPATIAL Programme
The Fundeni Clinical Institute, in consortium with several R&D institutions and companies, won the financement for the "Demonstration Telemedicine Pilot with Diagnostics, Clinic, and Educational Applications" Project.
The National Institute for Sports Research, in consortium with several R&D institutions and companies, won the financement for the "Sportsmen Position Real Time Tracking System - REALTRACE " Project.
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