The Fundeni Telemedicine Pilot as a developing Telemedicine System and the Excellence Center for Space Applications in Medicine and Welfare where been made possible under the funding through the Romanian Government's Research, Development and Innovation National Programme AEROSPATIAL.

The Romanian Space Agency contributed to the beneficial environment of these projects through the background of the national cooperation with The Institute of Space Sciences and The National Institute for Sports Research, a.s.o., as well as the international cooperation with NASA, ESA, The MedITAC Consortium, The Virginia Commonwealth University a.s.o.

Essential contribution and leadership, as well as outstanding professional expertise and prestige provided to the projects Mr. Irinel POPESCU, MD and Professor in the Medicine Faculty in Bucharest.

Mr. Dan TULBURE, MD and Professor in the Medicine Faculty in Bucharest, Mr. Serban GEORGESCU, MD and Professor in the Medicine Faculty in Bucharest and Mr. Gheorghe POPESCU, MBA, MP, provided to the projects deep understanding, interest and institutional support in the frame of the Fundeni Clinical Institute.

Mr. Marius-Ioan PISO, PhD, and Mr. Dorin PRUNARIU, PhD, provided consistent moral support, encouragement, and international lobby to Space Applications use in the frame of Medical and Welfare field.

Mr. Pierre Joseph de HILLERIN, PhD, essentially contributed to the integration of human biological Welfare field into the Telemedicine applications.

Mr. Ronald MERRELL, MD, Professor at the Virginia Commonwealth University and Mr. Charles DOARN, MBA, Executive Director of MedITAC, contribute with professional cooperation and encouragement to the Romanian Telemedicine projects.

Mr. Calin POPOVICI, MD, EMBA, and Mr. Vlad VALEANU, EE, MSc, provide important specific professional expertise and strategic vision to the Telemedicine and Welfare projects.

Special thanks to Mr. Silviu CIUREA, MD, Mr. Lucian PANAIT, MD, Mr. Cezar STROESCU, MD for their consistent contributions to the telemedicine projects.

Special mentions and thanks to Mr. Cosmin BOANCA, EE, Mr. Daniel ONISOR, MD and Mr. Mugur GRASU, MD, for their professional expertise and implication in the telemedicine IT System, GRID computing and Databases Applications.

Lotus Telecom srl and ARTelecom SA Companies provided a beneficial sponsorship to the Telemedicine projects and to the related actions.

The RoEduNet Organization, Romanian Data System SA and the Institute of Space Sciences provided essential communicational support and contribution to telemedicine projects.

Special thanks to NASA, The MedITAC Consortium and The Virginia Commonwealth University for their kind permission to use graphics and photos, as well as to the Romanian Space Agency and to Donna Maria srl for providing graphic and educational items to be used in the context of the e-medicine web-based appliances system.
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